What to Wear For Your Boudoir Photo Shoot

This post authored by guest-blogger, Erica Mink.

You’re Going to Get Shot Naked! What to Wear?! (please excuse the irony)

Lingerie Ideas for Boudoir Photo Shoots - Baltimore
An Open-Cup Vinyl Corset – Edgy-Yet-Girly, Daring, Playful

First of all, congratulations on making the decision to celebrate yourself with an amazing, memorable photo shoot! You’re going to be thrilled, we know it.

But what are you going to wear? Selecting your clothing choices for your boudoir shoot should be fun and exciting, so don’t stress! Start by thinking about who you are and what you like. Are you athletic? Think sports jerseys or team-logo lingerie! Choose your fave (or your partner’s fave) MLB, NFL, or college team and show some REAL spirit.

Would you call yourself exotic and mysterious? Or perhaps, do certain other people see you that way? Sexy little kimono, anyone? Asian, African, or other ethnic prints and traditional clothing can be used in many ways to celebrate a culture or simply create a mood.

Are you a little bit country? Cutoff jean shorts and a midriff-tied plaid shirt. Or maybe just some boots and a hat. Eyelet lace bra and panties! Or maybe you’re a little bit rock and roll – leather jackets, studded heels, and your tattoos. Oh my.

Sexy Lingerie Photography Shoots in Delaware - Boudoir
A Pink Lace Chemise with a Corset-Inspired Back

Were you really born in the wrong era? Retro lingerie is so lovely, from high-waist cinchers, corsets, garters (don’t forget those back-seam stockings!) to lacy slips and peignoirs. Go, diva.

Perhaps you’re a boss lady. Or a professional of any sort. Pencil skirt (make sure it’s fitted!), blazer, sky-high stilettos. You are serious. Seriously SEXY.

Maybe you are just not sure…you’re shy. You might choose a natural, neutral sort of look.  A really really soft, really really low cut sweater, or a pretty, lacy camisole and boy short combo. Or maybe you’re not THAT shy, and you’ll choose the most natural look of all…nude.  Your photographer will cover you up as much (or as little) as you like!

Of course, there’s always the “costume” option. The GSN team believes in not going crazy with the themes, but a naughty nurse, hot for teacher, or sexy police officer look might be to your taste for a shot or two! All in good fun.

Of course, you’re not just one of these things; you’re two, three, or ALL of them! You bring as many looks as you like, we’ll help you narrow it down if need be.

Implied nude photography by Delaware Boudoir Photography Studio, Get Shot Naked
Naked But Not Too Naughty

Next, think about what you LOVE about your body and yourself. Do you have hard-won, killer abs that make grown men cry? Let’s show those bad boys off!  Are your clavicles your favorite part? Gorgeous gams? Or do you have a long, smooth back that begs to be carressed? There is a lot of  lovely in every one of us, and it’s the job of the photographer to bring it out! We all have features we’re not as fond of, sure, but they just disappear with skillful posing, lighting, and finishing.  Also, within every style, there are options that offer more or less coverage.  Just remember that anything properly fitted will look much better than anything baggy. You choose what suits you, and your photographer does the rest. Prepare to be amazed!

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Natalie Kita

Natalie Kita is a full-time professional boudoir and glamour photographer serving a discerning clientele throughout the Delaware Valley and Delmarva areas, including Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, and parts of Pennsylvania, New York, and Virginia. She is also a mother of two, and long-time performing artist and makeup artist.

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