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About Your Sexy Blogger

Boudoir Photographers serving the Greater Metro Areas of Philadelphia, Baltimore, Wilmington, Atlantic City, Washington, DC, and New York CityHello there! I’m Natalie Kita – Photographer, Wife, Mother, Unapologetic Sex Goddess, and owner of Get Shot Naked® – a contemporary glamour and boudoir photography studio providing seductive images for bold and sensual women all up and down the East Coast and beyond.

Boudoir Photographer and Sex Expert
Boudoir Blogger,
Natalie Kita

My goal for this blog is not to deliver the same thing everyone else is offering out there in the photo-blogosphere. Among these posts, you may find everything from straight-up “behind-the-scenes-at-my-latest-shoot” posts, to sex advice, beauty, health, and fitness, and general musings on photography (usually boudoir and/or glamour-specific). I may even be inclined to wax philosophical from time to time. (I may also occasionally rant. But I promise to limit our rants to no more than one per month, and to post them only if I feel others are likely to find them useful and/or hilarious.)

Above all, I am here to promote self-love, self-confidence, beauty, fantasy, fun, and female empowerment through the full embrace and celebration of our sensual, sexual selves. So, I invite you to dive right in… And may I suggest starting with our inaugural post, “What Naked (really) Means to Me“.

Thanks for stopping by, and have a sexy day!



Get Shot Naked® is an upscale boudoir photography studio centrally located in Delaware, between the greater metro areas surrounding Philadelphia, PA, and Baltimore, MD. GSN owner, Natalie Kita, is a modern Renaissance woman – a full-time photographer, skilled in portrait retouch and makeup artistry, a writer, singer, motivational speaker, sex and fitness expert, and a wife and mother of two.

For more on boudoir photography in Delaware and the Philadelphia and Baltimore metro areas, check out Boudoir by Get Shot Naked®.


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