Beautiful, Inside and Out – The Lovely Ms J.

Have I ever mentioned the happy dance I do inside when one of my gorgeous clients bravely and generously agrees to share her boudoir photos with the world? Well, unfortunately, there’s no way to show you here…but trust me, it looks pretty funny.

Sexy photography for curvy girls
Rockin the P!nk ‘Do

Today’s amazing, bold, sensual woman is Ms. J. I was delighted when we met to find that she and I share an obsessive love of recording artist, P!nk – not only for her music, but also for her sense of style and her overall bad-assery! Ms. J also happens to have a very similar look to P!nk, I think.

Ms J. is an army flight medic, engaged to an army helicopter pilot, and she is a new mom to a 9-month old!!! Her guy is deployed, and she did her photos as a gift to him, but of course, like 99% of my clients, she admits they are just as much for her. As a self-professed tomboy in a male-dominated profession where she never gets to be “dolled up”, she was much in need of a little pampering girly-ness, and we hooked. her. up.

Yes, Ms. J and I had a ridiculous amount of fun during her sexy photo shoot. Like any two girlfriends, we talked about life and love, we laughed, we even vented about a few frustrations. We also tripped over light cords and kept losing the camera (oh wait, I guess that part was just me.) An of course, we oohed and aahhed over her pictures on the back of the camera.

I can’t wait to see Ms J again next week and reveal all her gorgeous pics to her…but until then, she’ll just have to settle for this sneak peek of her stunning eyes, smooth, creamy skin, and adorable tushie. 😉

Sexy lingerie pictures by a delaware female boudoir photographer

Boudoir photography by female photography serving Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Northern VirginiaA classic boudoir pose on a classic boudoir set. White sheets and a beautiful headboard make this sexy photo feminine and soft.

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Natalie Kita

Natalie Kita is a full-time professional boudoir and glamour photographer serving a discerning clientele throughout the Delaware Valley and Delmarva areas, including Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, and parts of Pennsylvania, New York, and Virginia. She is also a mother of two, and long-time performing artist and makeup artist.

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